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Why Should I Attend the Wellingtone PMO Practitioner course?

Why Attend APM Accredited PMO Practitioner Course - Wellingtone PPM

You may have heard that Wellingtone has launched its first-ever PMO Practitioner course.

In this article, I explain why you need to book it. I mean, right now. Come on, book it!

It is acknowledged that Project Management is a profession in exponential growth and of critical importance for the global economy.

In parallel, support roles such as the ones fulfilled by Project Management Offices (PMOs) have been and are expected to continue to experience growth.

However, while Project Managers and other delivery roles have defined bodies of knowledge available to guide their practice and behaviour, we, PMOs, are left to learn on our own, without sound and consensual guidance standard to rely on.

What about us?

Not only does this gap demerit the credibility and the profession of those involved in PMOs, it also lends to a situation where individuals without appropriate competencies can be advising Project Practitioners and Senior Stakeholders in and about project settings.

Without solid knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in the right context, we are set for failure.

Considering the above, we argue that there is a need for guidance that recognises the reality of PMOs in business and equips PMO professionals with the competencies they need to succeed.

That’s what the Wellingtone PMO Practitioner course is about! So, if you are a PMO and love numbered lists as much as we do, here are the reasons why you should attend:

  1. There are more and more PMOs, but most have not unlocked their full potential yet
    Recent reports (The State of Project Management 2016; The State of Project Management 2017) confirm that PMOs have become a standard feature of the organisational landscape, with 85% of organisations having a PMO. However, the value of the PMO is still often challenged, with less than half of organisations responding that their PMO realised its full potential in contributing business value to the organisation.
  2. There is a direct correlation between PMO capability and the value it delivers
    The more mature you are, the more you can deliver. According to ‘The State of the Project Management 2017’, greater PMO capability leads to greater performance and contribution to business value, which reinforces our view regarding the impact of equipping PMO practitioners with the right skills and investing in the maturity journey of PMOs.
  3. PMOs need to speak project management but they require unique competencies
    Not everyone involved in PMOs are doing it temporarily or want to become Project Managers. We do need to understand and relate to our project management colleagues, but each of us have our own role which requires a unique set of competencies. However, most PMO professionals are left to learn the practice of their jobs on their own or relying on established project management qualifications, such as PRINCE2 or MSP, which don’t reflect the reality of their role nor the competencies that they need the most.
  4. Shortcomings of existing PMO guidance
    Most of the existing PMO guidance in the UK is based on the P3O qualification, which we consider not comprehensive and relevant enough to meet the needs of PMO professionals. It’s great to know about the theory but we also want to know more about the practice.
  5. We know what we are talking about
    We don’t claim to be leading authorities. We don’t like ivory towers and, instead, prefer the wisdom of crowd supported, of course, by rigorous, sound, practical knowledge. We have experience, delivery scars we have learned from. We have been there, done that. We have a track record of setting up, running, and transforming PMOs and, as consultants, we have seen a lot of PMOs, trust me. We know what we are talking about. Now, we want to share it.
  6. We are passionate about PMOs
    This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should join us. We love PMOs. Even the nasty parts of it. We are so passionate about PMOs, that we are heavily involved in the PMO community, either volunteering on it, speaking about it, writing about it, or even putting conferences together about it. If you attended The Future PMO conference, you know what passion looks like. Are you also passionate about your PMO? Let’s share the love.

Still not convinced (if possible!) and want to know more?

Click here to find out more about the course outline.

If you would like more details on the PMO course, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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