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State of Project Management 2016

Wellingtone PPM and the Association for Project Management (APM) Project Management Office (PMO) Specific Interest Group (SIG) have together published this, our first ‘The State of Project Management’ annual report. It provides a detailed insight into the state of project management in the UK.


Although a number of non-salary focused project management surveys are published each year they tend to be either very US-centric or global in perspective. Our UK project management industry is highly developed and deserves special attention.

We invited colleagues from across our project management industry to participate, and they did, in their hundreds! 686 project management professionals representing 317 organisations invested their time and effort to help create this survey data.  This is the largest ever non-salary focused project management survey in the UK.

The State of Project Management survey asks questions across a number of important topics including; project management maturity, tools & techniques, project success rates and of course PMO maturity.

Although the report highlights the great successes achieved by some it clearly shows there is much work to be done!  The percentage of projects that could be defined as failing is very significant, as is the relatively low levels of project management maturity across industry.

Key Highlights

Project Management Maturity

  • ¼ of PMs sometimes or never prepare a scoping document as part of a planning stage
  • Over 34% of project schedules are not baselined
  • 45% of participants are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the current level of PM maturity in their organisation

Project Performance

  • 32% of organisations sometimes or never completed projects on time
  • 31% of organisations sometimes or never complete projects on budget
  • 31% of organisations sometimes or never realise full anticipated benefits from projects

Biggest Project Management Challenges

  • Attempting to run too many projects
  • Frequent changes to scope
  • Inconsistency in approach
  • Poor resource management

Almost every organisation can benefit from improving their project management maturity.  Many organisations do not benefit from best practice project management tool and techniques as championed by Wellingtone Project Management and the APM.  We hope this report provides the catalyst for you to consider how you can increase your project successes and provides a wakeup call to tackle your biggest challenges.


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