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PPM Methodology & Governance

Wellingtone are experts in developing practical, fit for purpose, project management methodology, governance and supporting document templates.  This provides the consistent way of working for those undertaking projects of any size within an organisation.  Typically we then develop customised, practical training to ensure practitioners are able to maximise their project success rates.

Wellingtone work in partnership with you to define a practical, fit for purpose project management methodology and document set.  This will include all required project management guidelines and templates and could include:

  • Proposal Document (Brief, Charter)
  • Scoping Document (PMP / PID)
  • Closure Document
  • Change Request Form
  • Highlight / Status Report
  • RAID Log

It is important to note that project management templates must be practical, easy to use, add value and be scalable to suit the scale of the project.  Importantly we will also work with you to define your project governance, role definitions, escalation processes and project prioritisation.  This well rounded approach to methodology and governance definition ensures “the right projects are run at the right time”.

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