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Microsoft Project Roadmap

Work is taking place across your organisation all the time, and it can be hard to keep track of the details. The new Roadmap service gives you a cross-functional, big picture view of all the work in process.

The first capability of the new Project service

As the beginning of the next chapter of Project, Roadmap (built on Flow) is the first capability to roll out for the new Project service, as announced at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 event as Microsoft starts rolling out the Future of Modern Work Management.

Note that Roadmap require Microsoft Project Online Professional or Premium licenses.

With Roadmap, it doesn’t matter whether your teams are using Microsoft Project Online or Azure DevOps. You can create timeline views of multiple projects, complete with key dates and milestones providing you with visibility.

And in future releases, there’s planned support for Planner and third-party services like Jira, making Project your one-stop-shop for managing work across the organisation.

Further Details on Microsoft Project Roadmap

For further details on switching on Microsoft Project Roadmap, please view the following link:

Microsoft Project Roadmap

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