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Microsoft PPM Consistency and Governance

Many organisations have a defined project management approach comprised of a range of artefacts ranging from the project lifecycle / methodology to corporate standards around RAID management and documentation. However, as highlighted in State of Project Management Survey (2017), inconsistency in approach is a key challenge, from experience this is typically because the defined approach is not underpinned by a unifying PPM solution.

Enterprise Project Types

With Microsoft PPM (Project Online or Project Server) you can establish a series of Enterprise Project Types (EPTs), which are essentially templates to help guide users through the full project life cycle. EPT’s are unique to each organisation and can be development to complement a wide range of approaches, even if they are bespoke. An EPT is a wrapper that binds together a number of elements including:

  • Workflow
  • Project Detail Pages (PDPs)
  • Project Site

Within Microsoft PPM you can deploy versatile workflows that are created using SharePoint Designer. The workflows are bespoke and can help you to ensure that users adhere to the defined project lifecycle and can help reinforce governance and accountability through the ability to the configuration of approvals.

Project Detail Pages

With each EPT, bespoke PDPs (forms) can be presented to the end user to capture the required information at a specific phase or stage of the project lifecycle. Many organisation use PDP’s to enhance governance, presenting users with end of stage checklists to complete to ensure that all of the required elements from a methodology perspective have been completed. The checklists can be submitted to the approver(s) via the workflow.

Project Site

The Project Site is created automatically when a project is created on Microsoft PPM and each EPT can have a different Project Site template associated with it allowing you to create customised site templates for each project type. Aside from being a collaboration hub per project, it can provide users with a wealth of document templates and standardised RAID logs to further drive consistency and ensure improved governance. As the Project Site is built on SharePoint, you can also leverage a wealth of other features too.

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