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Financial Services PPM

The Financial Services sector faces many challenges due to regulation, legacy systems, new technologies, emerging competitors and a restive customer base. 

Many organisations are in the midst of transformation programmes to increase cyber resilience, ensure readiness for Brexit, and to increase customer engagement. To stay relevant there is a need to evolve.

We assist organisations within the Financial Services sector to improve their ability to manage transformation and provide them with the tools to work smarter. Ensuring that the right projects are completed in the right way through streamlined processes and tools.

Our specialist consultants can enable you to:

  • Set the strategy to increase your PPM Maturity
  • Help you enhance internal PPM capability
  • Provide the solutions and tools to aid PPM delivery
Financial Services Stock Market


Wellingtone have worked alongside a wide-array of Financial Services organisations ranging from Commercial and Investment Banks to  the regulator for 56000 financial services firms and financial markets in the UK.

Our PPM Consultants have engaged with clients within this sector to help them evolve their PPM Maturity from a variety of perspectives including process, methodology and toolsets. The resulting benefits have enabled: improved strategic alignment & prioritisation of projects and vastly improved real-time visibility of the project portfolio & resource pool. Enabling cost savings and a number of business benefits to be realised.

We can also help your oganisation to make a positive step-change in its PPM Maturity too.

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