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Aerospace and Defence PPM

While Aerospace and Defence (A&D) has for long remained a steady and profitable industry, the new landscape of the market and economic and political turbulence have recently changed this reality.

Traditional A&D contractors are facing increased competition for fewer contracts and there’s increased competition from tech startups who are steadily moving into the sector. There’s continued pricing pressure and product mix changes from airline operators in the commercial space and Brexit risks disrupting supply chains and trade flows.

We assist Aerospace and Defence suppliers and contractors in seizing new opportunities and navigating the dynamics of the industry by ensuring that the right projects are done in the right way.

Our expertise can enable you to:

  • Gain visibility over the efficiency of the supply chain and operations
  • Track the performance of defence procurement
  • Monitor and adjust the cost structure of the firm
  • Identify which projects deliver most value
  • Balance the risk of the portfolio of projects
  • Identify resource’s overallocations


Wellingtone have worked alongside a number of organisations within the Aerospace and Defence sector, including the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defence.

Our PPM Consultants have engaged with clients within this space to help them evolve their PPM Maturity from a variety of perspectives including process, methodology and toolsets. The resulting benefits have enabled improved strategic alignment & prioritisation of projects, enabling informed decision making as well as vastly improved real-time visibility of the project portfolio and resources.

We can also help your oganisation to make a positive step-change in its PPM Maturity too.

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