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Make a Step Change in Your Project Management Maturity - Wellingtone PPM
Make a Step Change in Your PPM maturity, One Process at a Time!

The State of Project Management Annual Report, the largest piece of research of its type in the UK each year is soon to be published. Often reports focus on the negatives, what percentage of projects are late? What do we struggle to do well? What are our main project management challenges? Yes, we have got […]

Top Tips for Project Estimating - Wellingtone PPM
Our Project Estimating is Waaay Off. Top Tips for Success.

In The State of Project Management Report 2017 one of the identified largest challenges identified by organisations was planning. A core component of planning is good estimating. 63% of organisations from the same report highlight that projects finish late half the time or even more frequently. Asking colleagues to estimate can sometimes be met with […]

5 Tips for Project Success - Wellingtone PPM
5 Top Tips for Project Success

OK, I can’t resolve all project problems within a short article, but I have 5 top tips for project success that I’ve spoken about hundreds of times when training thousands of Project Managers, so here they are: 1) What’s the Scope? The number 1 reason projects don’t succeed is scope creep or lack of scope […]

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