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FuturePMO by WellingtonePPM

FuturePMO is our annual 1-day conference dedicated to the PMO.  FuturePMO brings together 300+ practitioners from around the world with over 20 expert speakers, the Global PMO of the Year Awards, a fun theme and an agenda that allows you to pick and choose your sessions.

 – October 17th 2019 | London –

About FuturePMO

FuturePMO was conceived by WellingtonePPM as a unique, fun, informative, inspiring and friendly one-day PMO Conference with the focus being on helping you to realise the FuturePMO within your organisation.

The event brings together leading experts from across a variety of industries and sectors to share their PMO knowledge, experience, challenges and solutions.

FuturePMO Timeline

  • FuturePMO 2017 went back to the future with a DeLorean and Titan the Robot.
  • FuturePMO 2018 headed to a galaxy far far away to find out what was in store for PMOs.
  • FuturePMO 2019 will give you a Licence to PMO.
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