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3 Things Every Project Manager Should Improve for 2016

Nobody ever said being a Project Manager was easy. There’s so many skills you are expected to equip yourselves with when striving to be the ‘perfect’ PM.

I’ve come up with three skills that I believe to be of the most important when it comes to being successful when managing projects.

Everyone can improve upon something and if you feel like you’re lacking in any of the skills below, now is your chance to improve upon them and make a change for 2016.

I will communicate better

In a project there’s no such thing as too much communication, but there is such a thing as too little communication.

How many times have you heard that as a Project Manager you MUST be a good communicator?

About a billion times, right? That’s because it’s true!

Many of the issues that occur from a project are a result of poor communication. It’s something that can tend to be on the bottom of a Project Manager’s list.

Spend some time at the beginning putting together a communication plan. Share this with your Team Members and ensure that they know the expectations of them for the forthcoming year.

Your plan should include information on meetings and reports, detailing their objectives and also the frequency of these.

Aside to a communication plan, you should try to improve communication with the Stakeholders.

But that’s a whole other ball game…

I will manage expectations more effectively

As a Project Manager, you will know by now that a project isn’t always smooth sailing.

Understatement of the century, right?

The goal posts will always be moving, much to your annoyance. You will also come up against constant project changes, scope creep and change requests.

Lucky you.

As challenging as it may be, you will need to manage the expectations of all those involved in the project from the beginning right to the very end of the project or programme life cycle.

Get into the habit of communicating with the Stakeholders early on in the process.

Try to have kick-off meeting between your team and Stakeholders to get everyone introduced to each other.

You should be constantly encouraging good relations between Team Members and Stakeholders.

Trust me, it will make your life a heck of a lot easier!

I will be more collaborative

With so many fantastic project management tools widely available, being unable to collaborate properly is no longer a valid excuse.

This is especially true for organisations with offices in different countries, needing to communicate or share information with each other.

Having a PPM tool in place will help to connect everyone in the project and have visibility of the project right the way through the lifecycle.

I appreciate that there are probably lots of other New Year’s resolutions you can set as a Project Manager. It would be great to share them, do you have any project management resolutions or goals you want to achieve this year?

It would be great to share them, or should I say…collaborate…too geeky?

Do you have any project management resolutions or goals you want to achieve this year?

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