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Increasing Visibility into Project Performance With Project Online

By Baz Khinda Following on from the introductory article last month The Future PMO Tool is not Excel, let’s continue to understand how you could continue to work smarter to increase visibility into Project Performance using Microsoft Project Online. To illustrate this, let’s consider a current and real-world programme that many organisations are currently undertaking […]

Powerful PM Communities - New Year Resolution - Wellingtone PPM
Powerful PM Communities – A New Year Resolution

By Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton We talk a lot about processes that PMOs can bring to organisations to enable the successful delivery of change. And, if you read posts and blogs it seems to me that PMO people are always trying to avoid failure. Which is why when launching the ‘Wonder of Project Management Month’ for the Major […]

Top 4 Project Management Trends for 2018
Top 4 Project Management Trends in 2018

The future. It will soon be here…or at least 2018 is just about ready to burst into life. What’s in store for us in the project management world? I’ve borrowed the DeLorean from FuturePMO to take a sneak peek. Here are my top 4 PPM trends for 2018: Embracing project management It might sound obvious to […]

Improve Time Management With This Simple Technique - Wellingtone PPM
Improve your Time Management with this Simple Technique

Making the most effective use of time available is a very powerful skill. I’m certain you can think of more tasks you need to do today than you actually have time to complete. Many people set themselves an impossible goal with a page long to-do list, immediately setting themselves up for failure. The first rule […]

Project Management Maturity - Your Goal - Wellingtone PPM
Project Management Maturity; Your Goal

  You may be familiar with the standard 5 levels of project management maturity chart. Level 1 is the lowest, where everything is ad-hoc and those tasked to run projects pretty much on their own. The ultimate goal of level 5 might be rather too ambitious but goodness me, it’s all fabulous. The majority of […]

5 Tips for Project Success - Wellingtone PPM
5 Top Tips for Project Success

OK, I can’t resolve all project problems within a short article, but I have 5 top tips for project success that I’ve spoken about hundreds of times when training thousands of Project Managers, so here they are: 1) What’s the Scope? The number 1 reason projects don’t succeed is scope creep or lack of scope […]

APM Manchester Conference
APM Project Management Conference Manchester

5 December 2017 | Manchester Conference Centre Whether its changes in technology, the political landscape, economy or security, change is inevitable. Join peers and professionals from across industries to discuss the big questions in project management today and for the future. The APM Conference Manchester will consist of three streams, each with three sessions from […]

What Will Your Project Legacy Look Like - Wellingtone PPM
What Will Your Project Legacy Look Like?

Author: Marisa Silva If you are an attentive person to what’s going on in the project management community, you will have certainly noticed that there is a crescent number of articles on the importance of the learning legacy of projects or, more simply, on project legacy and its management. What is the fuss about project […]

International Project Management Day
International Project Management Day – The PMO Perspective 

Since choosing PMO as my career a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I have seen the PPM (and particularly the PMO) industry change substantially. A change for the better – and I’m not just saying that because I am a change agent; the effect on a young industry of the […]

New Power BI Content Pack for Microsoft Project

Following on from the original Power BI Content Pack, launched back in 2015, the next iteration (v1.6 to be precise) is now finally available and the team unanimously agreed that it’s both beautiful and of course hugely insightful! Compared to the original content pack, this is quite a significant upgrade and in some ways appears […]

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