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How to Tackle the Top 3 Difficult PM Processes to Embed

In your experience which project management processes are the most troublesome to embed?  Close your eyes, no peeking, now name your three. We asked this question as part of The State of Project Management Annual Survey 2017.  This is the largest annual non-salary survey on project management in the UK, undertaken by us here at […]

PMO and Maturity: The trick is in the Story

PMO maturity is intrinsically linked to the maturity of the organisation that it serves right? Yes and no is the simple answer. The PMO cannot co-exist with an organisation without taking into account its maturity. A top-flight PMO cannot exist as an effective business partner whilst the organisation around it is not working to at […]

Win a Ticket to The Future PMO Event

This competition is now closed and the winners have been announced below. We have already announced that we later on this year we will be hosting our first ever PMO Conference, The Future PMO! Read on to find out how you could win a free ticket worth £249! We are days away from launching our […]

Top 5 Ways to Secure the Future of your PMO

It is believed that the first ever PMO established was a “Strategic Project Office”, in the 60s, by the US Navy Department. The reason for this? They had an important mission of ensuring the successful completion of Polaris, a submarine-launched ballistic missile. While the value of such a PMO seems to be in the annals of history […]

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