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Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend 45 minutes talking to four of the best Project Managers in the UK every year? What is their secret to success? How do they handle stakeholders, risks, issues, planning and everything else? Can we bottle their achievements? As one of the APM Awards judges I get to […]

Are You Doing the Right by Your Projects?

The Brexit vote may have set in train a series of negative consequences to the UK’s and EU’s economy but at least one impact can be perceived as positive: companies are now paying more attention to where they put their investments. Portfolio Management is gaining a renewed interest in our not-so-small PPM world. Let’s not […]

Office 365 Project Online: Essentials, Professional, and Premium

If you’d just familiarised yourself with all of the Microsoft PPM licenses, i.e. Project Lite, Project Online, Project Online with Project for Office 365. it’s time for you to dust off the neutraliser (memory eraser) and acquaint yourself with the newly announced Project SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit) from Microsoft. You may be wondering why the SKU’s […]

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