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Safety, the Fourth Project Management Criterion

On a project management triangle, there is one key element that sits in the middle that must never be compromised and that’s safety. Most Project Managers are familiar with the well-known project management triangle, first proposed by Dr. Martin Barnes, (a past president if the APM). The three corners of the triangle represent the three […]

Successful Projects and the Eight Compelling Behaviours

You’ll be cut off at the pass if you let yourself rely on standard processes, tools and templates. These, however well chosen, are not enough to manage a project. The quality of working practices, ingenuity, judgement, leadership and cultural factors are at least as important. Today the word on the street is that the behaviour […]

Weeding Your Project Portfolio

Effective project reviews are about so much more than just the evidence. This extract from Graham Oakes’ book Project Reviews Assurance and Governance, explains the paramount importance of personal credibility and personal judgement. Essentially, if you are going to kill projects in which people have invested their time, effort and reputation, you need the trust […]

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