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The State of Project Management Annual Survey 2017

The APM PMO Specific Interest Group and Wellingtones ‘The State of Project Management Annual Survey‘ is now open. Although a number of non-salary focused project management surveys are published each year they tend to be either very US-centric or global in perspective. You can take a look at the 2016 survey here. Our UK project […]

The Importance of Communication in Project Management

In project management, never mistake silence for a project running well. I repeat, NEVER. In actual fact, this is when alarm bells should be going off inside your head that something isn’t quite right. Why? Source: ©2013 Project Management Institute, Inc. Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: The High Cost of Low Performance: The Essential […]

How Mature is your PMO?

If we are talking about PMO maturity, I must start by making a confession: I personally dislike the term “maturity”. This is mainly for three reasons: Just like experience, you can be very mature on doing things very well, that don’t add much value to the business. For  some organisations, a level 4 instead of 5 […]

The 9 Golden Rules of Risk Management

One of the joys of my job is that I get to work with lots of different organisations & project professionals. I frequently help organisations develop project management methods and deliver training to both new and experienced project professionals. A frequently admitted weakness (apart from cake and cookies) is that they don’t do any risk management. None. […]

The Clock is Ticking

Are you short of time to read this article? Think again. It will save you time later. Set your Priorities Straight Make no mistake: a day has the same 24 hours for everyone, so don’t think you are busier than anyone else and stop complaining how you never have enough time in your calendar. At the […]

Pearls of Wisdom

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend 45 minutes talking to four of the best Project Managers in the UK every year? What is their secret to success? How do they handle stakeholders, risks, issues, planning and everything else? Can we bottle their achievements? As one of the APM Awards judges I get to […]

Are You Doing the Right by Your Projects?

The Brexit vote may have set in train a series of negative consequences to the UK’s and EU’s economy but at least one impact can be perceived as positive: companies are now paying more attention to where they put their investments. Portfolio Management is gaining a renewed interest in our not-so-small PPM world. Let’s not […]

Office 365 Project Online: Essentials, Professional, and Premium

If you’d just familiarised yourself with all of the Microsoft PPM licenses, i.e. Project Lite, Project Online, Project Online with Project for Office 365. it’s time for you to dust off the neutraliser (memory eraser) and acquaint yourself with the newly announced Project SKUs(Stock Keeping Unit) from Microsoft. You may be wondering why the SKU’s […]

APM & Wellingtone at Project Challenge 2016

Session Title: What am I Worth? The APM Salary & Market Trends Survey 2016 This year at Project Challenge, we are honoured to be representing the Association for Project Management (APM) as their speaker to discuss the recent 2016 Salary & Market Trends Survey. The presentation will take place on Tuesday 11th October at 2pm. Wellingtone’s […]

APM PMO & Value Conference

We cannot wait to exhibit at the APM (Association for Project Management) PMO and Value Conference again this year. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Value’. How many people do you hear say ‘A PMO is pointless, it brings no value’. The aim of the conference this year is to bring together experiences, […]

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