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The Best Project Leaders Need Eyes in the Back of their Heads

One of the most useful habits you can develop as a project leader is that of scanning the horizon, your project and those around you. Anticipating and tracking potential issues, whether internal or external; human, technical or commercial, will be key to keeping things on track. In this extract adapted from their book Project Leadership, […]

Project Online (Office 365 PPM) in the Real World

There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and I’d say that’s true (depending on the picture), but to really showcase Project Online a thousand words was insufficient! So Microsoft have created a video that’s worth a Gazillion words. The video depicts Project Online / Office 365 PPM being used in […]

What do the Best Practitioners say?

Congratulations to all the APM Awards finalists. As a judge for several categories I have had the genuine pleasure of recently listening to a range of presentations from across the project management spectrum. You can’t help but enjoy a time lapse video! These practitioners have great stories of complex and sometimes ground breaking projects still […]

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