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APM & Wellingtone Salary Survey for Project Professionals

The Joint APM & Wellingtone Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015 is now available. This is the largest every survey of the UK project management industry with over 2,700 participants. Respondents are drawn from the public and private sector and include a mix of APM members and non-members. It covers roles from project support staff […]

4 Ways to Motivate Project Team Members

One major element in a project is the motivation of team members. When your team members are lacking in morale, tasks may not be completed within the set time frame or standard you expect. By following some of these simple steps, you could see a huge improvement in the performance of team members, thus seeing a […]

Top 7 Reasons Project Fail and How to Prevent it

The success of a project is often defined by meeting the budget, completing in the set time frame and whether it achieved it’s goals. If it doesn’t meet them, a project could be classed as a failure, this is one of project management’s toughest challenges. In a lot of cases this can be avoided and in this […]

Project Sponsorship and Paradigm Shifts

Project sponsors have a tough time. The fundamental duty of the project sponsor is as guardian of the project’s business case; so how do you do that when previously accepted world views change fundamentally? Take the oil price for example, which  plummeted in the second half of 2014 due to the huge increase in supply, […]

Learning to love those very, very Irritating Stakeholders

On most projects thinking sooner or later turns to stakeholders. Unfortunately, it is usually later rather than sooner. Stakeholder management is regularly kicked off only when there is a problem with stakeholders. Stakeholder management is one of those parts of project management that is often treated as an after-thought. Stakeholders can be viewed as irritants […]

Poor Project Management: Project Reporting

False Reporting. Put your hands up if you as a Project professional are guilty of it! Although you can’t see, my hand is up (figuratively). We’ve all done it, perhaps implied on our weekly highlight reports that well, all of the KPI’s are a bright shade of green. The schedule, green! Cost, green! Everything is […]

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