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What is (or must be) a Project Manager?

What qualities or attributes must a Project Manager have? Must a project manager be limited to monitoring and control or must be involved in strategic Project Management decisions? José Ramón San Cristóbal Mateo. Project Management Research Group. University of Cantabria. Spain. jose.sancristobal@unican.es A good Project Manager must a good leader, a good leader must be […]

Stakeholder Engagement in the Middle East

The term Stakeholder Management carries with it a range of definitions and meanings but for the sake of this article I am going to adopt the meaning of “Managing Stakeholder Expectations”.  If we are to manage the expectations of the stakeholder it is imperative that we know and understand those expectations, and this can only […]

Poor Project Management – Inconsistent Approaches

In order to accomplish a unified and consistent approach to managing projects, organisations will normally do one or a combination of the following; Spend a small fortune on formally training all of their project managers on a recognised methodology. Create their own, overly complicated, project management processes only to discover that trying to get everyone to […]

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