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6 Steps to Project Success

This is not a guarantee but following these 6 steps can dramatically improve the chances of your Project being a success. [ribbon_new header=”h2″ style=”light”]My 6 steps are as follows:[/ribbon_new] Prepare Plan Communicate Monitor Control Review [ribbon_new header=”h3″ style=”light”]1 Preparation[/ribbon_new]The first step to success is preparation and it is amazing how many projects fail due to […]

What Sort of Project Manager do You Want to Be?

There is a long-running discussion on LinkedIn that started with the question: Should a project manager’s responsibility go beyond that of delivering to “time, cost and quality”? Time, cost and quality is what is known as the “iron triangle”. In this context, “quality” means conformance to the specification. My own response was that it depends […]

Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 Cloud Promotion

Do you want to deploy Project fast without giving up control? For a limited time Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Subscription customers can purchase Project Pro for Office 365 for the price of Software Assurance! This offer is available between September 1st 2014 – March 31st 2015. [ribbon_new header=”h3″ style=”light”]What is Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365?[/ribbon_new] […]

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