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Statutory Holidays in Enterprise Calendars

In a recent blog article I covered the concept of creating calendars to accommodate situations where only a particular day per month is a working day – this can then be used to apply as a task calendar to tasks in a project schedule that can only occur on such days, the impact of missing […]

Projects, Programmes & Portfolios

My most recent blogging activity was replying to a comment on my post ‘Project Management vs. Programme Management’. My reader queried the difference between programme management and portfolio management. As I had myself described a programme as a portfolio of projects I had to think about that and check some sources. The APM Body of […]

Stop Trying to Manage your Stakeholders & Start Engaging with Them

The concept of a stakeholder goes back to the early 18th century, but the story of its modern use began in the late 1800’s, properly arriving at its current meaning in the early 1960s. If you are interested in the story of stakeholders, there is an animated video at http://youtu.be/TU48Nb78bSc. [ribbon_new header=”h2″ style=”light”]The Emergence of […]

Wellingtone and APM Partner on Career Service for Profession

Wellingtone and APM have formed a unique alliance to provide a career development service to the project management profession. Working together, the two organisations will look to provide high quality career development advice and resources to project professionals across all sectors. Wellingtone’s extensive experience in recruiting, training and advising project professionals will be complemented by […]

Project Management Frontiers

When looking to develop a career in project management it’s important to consider all options –as well as different industry sectors. New project managers typically go down the ‘traditional route of building roads and airports’. However, there are other industries where project management is less mature, but no less important. For me these ‘frontiers’ represent […]

Project Teams

In previous training blog articles I have been focused upon the Microsoft Project scheduling tool, in this article I consider an element of the mix that we cover on our Project Management theory training courses. At Wellingtone we believe that project success is down to people, processes and tools. Having great tools and processes in […]

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