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Risk Can Go Up as Well as Down But That’s a Good Thing

The design and construction of infrastructure has been a part of what societies do for centuries, and one can assume that the business model for a project and its associated specialisms: project management, design, estimating, planning and so on have also been around for the same time. Over time the various expert disciplines have become […]

Putting the Human into PM

I think it’s fair to say that organisations are made of people and, projects and programmes run in these organisations are heavily dependent on those people for their success. Yet, in my experience, organisations still do not put enough focus on the human side of project management and not enough is done to formerly equip […]

Introducing Timesheets

In this blog I start by subverting my recent theme of alluding to songs by providing you with the name of the artist and the album on which the song appears, all you have to do is work out the relevant song on Elvis Costello’s album “My aim is true”? Timesheets are a feature of […]

More on Options

In my last article I got as far as the Schedule section of the options dialog box in Microsoft Project, thankfully the remaining sections are in main a lot simpler and easy to explain. For clarities sake the options I am referring to are those available in Microsoft Project 2013. [ribbon_new header=”h2″ light=”light”]Proofing[/ribbon_new] The Proofing […]

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