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Check Effective Rights – User Security Permissions Demystified

The security model in Project Server can take a while to fully appreciate, the interplay of groups, categories and security templates is a fairly complex concept and can sometimes throw up unexpected anomalies. Our advice when managing and designing security protocols is to keep things as simple as possible and avoid users belonging to too […]

Keeping Your Project Sponsor Satisfied

One of the best tools in the Project Manager’s kit is a positive, flag-waving Sponsor. In fact, nothing shapes your success in quite the same way as having an engaged, switched-on Project Champion sitting in the Big Chair – leading the charge, clearing roadblocks, keeping momentum and giving your project that all-important credibility. But what […]

Q&A on New Guidance on Agile Governance

Q: Brian, what is the new guidance on ‘Agile Governance’ all about? A: There has been a great deal of work on Agile methods at the developer/team level, but little debate or discussion on either the governance of agile projects, how to govern ‘hybrid’ programmes that have a mix of agile and waterfall sub-projects, nor […]

Quick Tips The RACI Matrix – Surely CARS is better?

If you walk into the headquarters of a number of well-known leading UK companies and said “RACI Matrix” you would receive murmurs of acknowledgment. I find that although many people have heard of, and use RACI, it is interpreted in slightly different ways. I’m not sure this is ideal for helping manage projects and recommend […]

Setting the Scene

My name is Dominic Moss and I am part of the Project Server Team at Wellingtone. I have been assisting customers with the use of Microsoft Project and Project Server through consultancy and training delivery for the past 18 years. In addition to computer based tools training I have also helped a lot of customers […]

The Last Area of Bidding still not Treated as a Project

PM has Improved Delivery of the Contract Life Cycle Most aspects of bidding and running outsourced contracts have taken on project management approaches and techniques as integral parts of delivering effective and efficient outcomes. Perhaps the first was the implementation phase where a range of changes needed to be made within a set time period […]

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