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In my last blog article I covered the concept of Matrix Management and how it can be accommodated and supported in Project Server, the article was compiled as a result of a request from a customer on one of the training courses I was running. I am forever learning about Microsoft Project and Project Server […]

Communication (Silence can be Golden)

In The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe (Douglas Adams) – which readers will know is one of my favourite reads – there was a race called the Belcerebons of Kakrafoon Kappa who had a very unhappy time. Once a serene and quiet civilization, a Galactic Tribunal sentenced them to the powers of telepathy solely because […]

Creating a Viable Business Case

The business case is probably the single most important document in any project. Why? Because it provides the justification for the very existence and continuation of the project.

Matrix Management and Resourcing Schedules

An apology first off to any of you who being aware of my cultural references thought this article might in some way make reference to Nemo, his friends and enemies. There is a saying that Project Management is a discipline for masochists as there is never enough time, money or resource available to deliver what […]

It’s Project Leadership, Not Management

“Project management is easy.” You have heard it before, hastily supported by, “We have been managing people for hundreds of years. Just take any manager, give them a project, and tell them to get it done.” Experienced project managers quickly foretell how this story ends—there is an overwhelming chance that failure is the fate of […]

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