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Positive Psychology for Successful Projects

Many projects encounter difficult project relationships but techniques from positive psychology offer a new way of designing and delivering projects in a way that facilitates positive emotions and good relationships. Positive Psychology provides some well researched, evidenced based techniques that you can use to increase the chances of your project being successful.

The Rise of the Hybrid Project Manager

Over the last 12 months I have noticed a new trend beginning to appear amongst several of Wellingtone’s larger clients who have multiple programmes and projects running simultaneously. There is a small yet significant step change away from the traditional Waterfall methodology of project management control to the world of agile, however despite agile being […]

Generic Resources Revisted

Generic Resources as a feature of the Project Server solution are a well-established concept, not only can they be assigned to tasks in Enterprise Template schedules they can also be used in Portfolio Analysis to identify “Resource Deficits” when considering a mix of projects arising from a Portfolio Analysis selection.

A Team of Leaders for Project Success

On a small project, we are usually in direct contact with the customer, most of stakeholders, the members of the project team and most of the IT supplier’s team. However, many projects are just too large to establish and maintain a level of personal contact.

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