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Project Sponsorship, Climate Change and Mycroft

The project triangle is a simple yet effective graph which shows us the tension that exists within any project between cost, time and quality. Performance was later substituted for quality and I would suggest that benefit is in fact a better word than performance.

The Project Baseline

Some of you may have noticed I like to make the odd “Cultural Reference” in my blog articles. When running training courses I sometimes make reference to some features only running to 10 not 11 which gets a laugh from those of a certain age. Have you got this blogs cultural reference* yet?

Who put the ‘M’ in PMO (Project Management Office)

The abbreviation, PMO, might mean (to you) a Project Management Office, it can also stand for Program(me) Management Office (confusingly also a PMO) or even a Portfolio Management Office (increasingly confusingly also a PMO).

The Rules of Project Risk Management

As described in the preface to the book, while there is a plethora of books, papers and articles on the subject of Project Risk Management, they commonly (but not exclusively) focus on the theory and process of risk management. This book attempts to provide a more practical approach albeit still with reference to some of […]

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