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Capabilities & features in Project Server 2013 / Project Online

  [ribbon_new header=”h2″ style=”light”]Project Server 2013 and Project Online[/ribbon_new] Built on SharePoint Server 2013 & SharePoint Online, deliver project portfolio management solutions that are designed around the fundamental principles of scalability and flexibility. [ribbon_new header=”h3″ style=”light”]Scalability improvements[/ribbon_new] Such as database optimisation and Project Web App (PWA) page load, were made to enable multi-tenancy and lower infrastructure costs. […]

Simple Tips for Project Management Success

There is no doubt that the profile of the project manager has been raised up in the career market. Take a look at local project management job listings and you’ll see that many companies are looking for Project Managers across many verticals. If you read those descriptions, you’ll find that in most cases, the PM […]

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