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Visibility of Purpose

I was recently on a panel of ‘experts’ at a project management conference (yes I know, why was I there…) and there was a great question from the audience about project quality.

Project Reporting – Adding Value rather than Ticking Boxes

I want to describe a scenario. It’s one we are all familiar with: it’s month end and status reports are due. Let me describe a bad case of this scenario, (a situation that each of us has probably seen time and again).

The PMO as Sponsor

I have talked often about the importance of good sponsorship for a project and project manager; I have even started ‘The Campaign for Real Project Sponsors’.

10 Steps to a Successful Project Management Implementation

Nowadays many organizations are seriously overwhelmed with project portfolios that have dramatically grown in size, sophistication and the number of resources involved. Just to illustrate this point, recently a CEO of a large financial institution mentioned in a private conversation with me, “It seems only yesterday we had a couple of fifty-thousand dollar projects in […]

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