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Lean and Digitize by Bernardo Nicoletti

We are living in times of a deep economic crisis characterized by scarcity of raw materials, energy and credit and an increase in volatility and globalization. All of which leads to considerably increased competition in terms of quality, and price of products and services. This challenge is due, on the one hand, to the increase […]

CSI: Project Management by Brett Harned

Post Mortem. Do you get the willies when someone utters those words? Is it like when you die and your limbs stiffen up? No, that is rigor mortis. We’re talking about project management here, not CSI. But in a way, Post Mortems can be like an episode of CSI in that you investigate your process […]

Giving Feedback

The other day I was in town and a major sweet manufacturer was handing out samples of their new product, free and with no ongoing commitment, and so it was proving very popular with the shoppers.

“Controlling persons” legislation, a sword of Damocles hanging above the head of Interim’s

As someone who has been involved in the high end Interim space for many years, I have seen various forms of employment legislation from both the Red & the Blue come into play, often causing confusion and additional cost to both employers and Interims alike, however in recent years even following on from AWR I […]

Recruitment in the 21st Century: Joining the Social Media Revolution

As most working recruitment professionals with experience will tell you: nothing trumps traditional networking and face-to-face interaction. However, the success of online recruitment and networking can be attributed to its mimicry of these traditional interactions. The golden standard—job wanted ads in the paper—have essentially been replaced by big internet job boards (like Jobsite, Jobserve and […]

50 Shades of Lazy

Have I got your attention now? Maybe you are one of the few that has not yet come across the global phenomenon that is the ’50 Shades’ trilogy of books, if so then somehow I still got your attention to read this article. But if you have heard of the books then perhaps this is […]

Inadequacy of systems and tools for monitoring Strategy Execution

In the 1990s, companies’ major IT investment was in ERP systems, with the focus mainly on improving and automating the run-the-business activities (both core operations and supporting activities). At the beginning of the twenty-first century this focus shifted to the Internet and e-commerce. Lately, however, organizations have shown increased interest in specialized project and portfolio […]

Bidding and Proposal Management Lessons

The business services or outsourcing sector has grown over the past two decades into a multibillion pound market. Huge areas of government services, back offices and other functions are delivered via contracts run by the private sector. Blue Chip companies outsource to others what ten years ago would have been seen as ‘core’ functions. Companies […]

Best practice, continuous improvement and progress in project management

I am really interested in the development of our discipline, and how we can continue to make it better. With this in mind, I want to talk about three, possibly seemingly unrelated, project management topics: best practice, continuous improvement and the adoption of new project management practices.

Is Your Organisation Prepared to Undertake its Projects?

This article has the objective of developing an effective project diagnostic model to assess an organisation’s preparedness for undertaking projects. Executive management must address an important question: How prepared is my organisation for undertaking and managing its projects? In other words, there is a need to examine the extent that fundamental principles related to undertaking […]

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