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Quick Tips: SMART Objectives

Do you know the number 1 reason why projects fail?  Scope creep/lack of scope definition. Projects form from ideas, responses to demand, changing situations & legislation.  These drivers solidify into projects and many projects are initiated with urgency; Project Managers start to grapple the project before they are truly ready, baked, defined.

Selling Project Management

‘Our customers really love us, so they don’t care if their projects are late and don’t work.’ Is this what you think? Is this what your project ‘customers’ are really saying? How about this? ‘We figure it’s more profitable to have 50% overruns than to spend 15% on project management to prevent them.’ Do you […]

Project Challenge, World of Learning & Business Transformation Expo

This year we are again taking part in some of the UK’s leading exhibitions where we will be showcasing our services and presenting on a wide range of topics to audiences. Below is an outline of the exhibitions with details of our involvement.

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