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International Congress for Project, Programme and Risk Management

Second Annual BPUG International Congress Following the success of the 2008 event, BPUG are delighted to announce the launch of the next BPUG® International Congress in Feburary 2009.

Is There Really a Project Management Skills Gap?

This session will take the form of a structured debate with four invited panellists first giving short presentations, then a debate around a number of pertinent issues. Participants will then be able to network with panellists, and enjoy the festive nature of our last event before Christmas. Join us not just for mulled wine, but […]

A Guide to Benefits Realisation

An Extract from Wellingtone Advantage What is benefits realisation management (BRM)? Benefits realisation management is about knowing where you want to get to, knowing how to get there and knowing you have arrived. That means: Identifying objectives and benefits to clarify the reasons why you are undertaking the project and what you expect to get […]

Project Management Recruitment & Jobs – The Credit Crunch Impact

By Vince Hines, Managing Director, Wellingtone Project Management As a specialist Project Management Recruitment company with clients across all industries we are able to keep a very close eye on the current job market during the credit crunch.  As a member of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and with over 10 years experience of […]

APM Project Management Training and Development Survey

We have been asked by the APM to invite all of the Wellingtone website users to complete a brief project management training and development survey to help the APM to shape the future of project management.

The APM Project Management Conference – Success through projects

The APM Project Management Conference 2008 is an interactive forum that brings together a large number of project management professionals and key decision makers from a wide range of public and private sector organisations. The aims is to outline and debate key topics on the national project management agenda. The subjects for 2008 are: Success through projects Right projects, right people Stakeholders and sponsors Managing […]

International Project Management Day

It’s People that Count! Change of Keynote Speaker International Project Management Day – Download PDF The PMI UK Chapter has announced a change to the previously publicised Opening Keynote Speaker at its 3rd International Project Management Day Conference. It will be taking place in Coventry on Thursday 6th November 2008 at the Ricoh Arena.

Do you Have a Project Dashboard?

A key consideration for any good Project Manager is clear communication with senior stakeholders.  Those that shape your immediate career prospects or fund the project for which you have been given responsibility, must be kept informed and updated.

Stop that Project Before it Finishes!

Finishing projects to time and cost and scope is overrated. Taking a traditional project management approach of finishing on time, to cost and within scope isn’t always applicable to projects. Projects that focus on business change for example; is it necessary to have the organisation functioning 100% as was designed? Or will 70% do? Could […]

Starting the Right Projects in the Right Way

Your organisation may have a defined process for selecting and starting projects but more often than not many clients take a surprisingly ad-hoc approach. This article looks at the early stages of a project focusing on a number of practical recommendations.

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