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What Are You Worth

The results from the annual APM Salary and Market Trends survey, sponsored by Wellingtone, are in.

This is the largest survey of its kind in our industry with nearly 6,000 participants.

It provides a great benchmark for all of us and, let’s be honest, there’s nothing more interesting that opening the magical mystery salary box.

Future PMO - 12 Sept 2017 - Chelsea FC Stadium

So who took part? Well 72% of participants have an undergraduate degree or higher qualification and approximately 1/6th are members of the APM.

20% of participants have the job title Project Manager, demonstrating that the professional has many other roles and we should recognise it’s not all about the Project Manager.

And the headlines? The average (mean) salary is £44,221.

When we look at a split by age group we find the salaries almost mirror age; 18-24 is £25,096, 25-34 is £34,586, 35-44 is £45,593 and 44-54 is £50,608

For contractors the average day rate is £323 with the 45-54 age group receiving the highest average at £384.

As a recruitment company specialising in permanent, contract and interim project management roles we were not surprised by the permanent salary average data. This aligned with our expectations.

We were however surprised by the contract day rates as we tend to see contractors and interim on higher rates. This probably reflects the level of seniority of the roles we are engaged to fill with our clients.

These roles are likely to go beyond the typical remit of a ‘high-street’ non-specialist recruitment company. The average day rate paid to contractors working through Wellingtone is £529.

And finally, although 80% are satisfied with their role, 27% said it was likely they would change employer in the next 12 months. If your salary is below average, maybe leave a copy of the report on your Manager’s desk and cough politely while considering being part of the 27%.

The full report will be published in June and we’ll come back to you then with details on how to download it.

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