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Microsoft Project Server Online & Free Trial

Microsoft Project Server can be deployed on-premise using your own infrastructure or you can select from a range of cloud based online options directly from Microsoft or from a specialist Partner.

What are the options?

With Microsoft Project Server 2013 the three hosting options are:

  • On-Premise (Customer hosted Private Cloud):
    If you already have suitable IT infrastructure in place or can provide it, you can choose to buy the licenses with software installed on servers that are owned by you. It’s the traditional model and whilst initial investment is high, over time this pays off.
  • Project Online (Microsoft Cloud / Office 365 / Public Cloud):
    You won’t own the licences but will pay a subscription on a per user, per month basis. It’s a flexible solution with reduced up-front costs, also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) and your PPM system will be hosted in the ‘public cloud’ by Microsoft. You’ll access your system via the internet and have the reassurance of Microsoft’s robust infrastructure. There are however some limitations so read on.
  • Partner Hosted (Partner hosted Private Cloud):
    This approach offers a range of flexible models that can combine the benefits of On-Premise and Project Online. Read on to discover the benefits.

Making the right choice

The choice of which online option is best for your organisation depends on the size of your team and level of project management maturity.

Whichever route you choose you will get a flexible online solution for project portfolio management (PPM). Through the cloud you will gain full project management capabilities on the desktop as well as online from virtually anywhere on almost any device.

Many of our clients will go the Partner hosted Private Cloud route to complete pilots and PoC’s if not for the long term. The option always exists to migrate to on-premise with ease.

30% of software purchases via cloud by 2014 – Microsoft Quote.

Office 365 “Project Online” Vs. “On-Prem / Custom Cloud”

There are some fundamental differences between the Microsoft Project Online offering and the Partner hosted Private Cloud, they are outlined below.

Solution Architecture

Solutions (IT) Architecture Office 365 On-Prem / Custom Cloud
99.9% Uptime (Guarantee / Financially Backed)
Redundant Power, Drives & Network
Hot Spare Servers
Backup/Failover to Remote Data Centre’s
Fully Scalable
DMZ with anonymous access
Dedicated Servers (Virtual or Physical)
Separate dev/test environments (e.g. to test CUs)
Dedicated Active Directory Domain
Automated User Provisioning by sync with Customer’s onsite Active Directory
Architectural Options (Tier-1; Tier-2; or Tier-3;Single Server ; App/DB Server ; Web/App/DB Server)
Custom backup frequency & retention

Application Integration Needs

Application Integration Office 365 Custom Cloud
Access from Project Pro on a user’s PC
Approved Apps (via Limited APIs)
Single Sign On
SharePoint Designer Support
Full Trust 3rd Party Applications
Full Trust Microsoft codeplex solutions
Custom Web Parts
OS Admin Access
DB Admin Access
VPN to customer data center

Specific Security Requirements

Security Requirements Office 365 Custom Cloud
ISO 27001 Certified
Data Privacy Assurance (not used by hoster for marketing)
FISMA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Answers to customer security questionnaires
Customer-defined Security Audits
Customer vulnerability assessments
Customer-defined Password Policies
Access from defined IP addresses only
Private network links into datacenter
ISO 27001 Certified

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Reporting Capabilities Office 365 Custom Cloud
Custom Fields and Views
Excel Services (via OData*)
Excel Services (Direct to Database*)
OLAP Cubes
SQL Reporting Services
Performance Point Services
Direct DB access to other reporting tools (3rd party) – off site and on site

* OLAP offers better speed performance when compared to OData.

Business Flexibility

Business Flexibility Office 365 Custom Cloud
Term – monthly or annual
Licenses – subscription or part of EA
Flexible upgrade paths
Customer Modifications to Standard Hosting Agreement
Support for Customer’s Corporate Hosting Agreement
Can choose when to upgrade
Can migrate from onsite to Cloud*
Can migrate from Cloud to onsite*

* Custom cloud can restore in database backups and provide database backups for moves to onsite. Within Standard cloud configurations must be re-entered.

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