Customised Corporate Project Management Training


Implement Microsoft Project Server. Develop project management maturity, methodology & PMO capability. It’s time to improve your PPM!

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Customised Project Management and Microsoft Project training that match your needs perfectly. Scheduled courses are available too!

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Projects needs great people.
Permanent or contract, we specialise in supplying the BEST Project Management professionals!

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Corporate Project Management Training

There are hundreds of companies providing ‘one size fits all’ generic training, with little thought of how this can then be applied in your organisation. Customised project management training that reflects your ways of working, your projects, your people and their training needs assessment ensures the highest return on investment.

Please read our Success Stories to see how some of the UK’s leading organisations have benefited from our services, including Honda, McBride and The University of Law.

Our customised training courses are designed to provide practical guidance on best practice tools & techniques. We can also incorporate planning with Microsoft Project and design your course to include sitting the exam for the APM professional qualification in project management.

Our Approach

Many enquiries we receive start with “Can you train our staff to be better at running projects?”. Absolutely! But we want to make sure we train them on YOUR project methodology where possible, rather than just a generic course. We want attendees to be able to apply their learning straight away in YOUR organisation. Our training becomes your training on your approach.

Some clients have a pre-defined project management approach (project methodology) but with many we help define a consistent, practical, fit for purpose, project methodology and then train this out to those taking on the role of Project Manager and Sponsor.

Some key points to note about our customised project management training:

  • Our courses are customised to reflect your business processes & project methodology
  • We provide training for all levels, typically Project Managers, Sponsors, PMO staff & team members
  • We often help clients define a clear, practical consistent project methodology prior to then running customised courses
  • Courses typically include methodology training and practical techniques. We can incorporate MS Project training as part of courses or as separate courses if required
  • We frequently provide our project documents and templates as part of course material, include our MS Excel based Project Managers Toolkit – all based on industry best practice
  • We can provide guidance on competency assessments both before and after training to monitor training effectiveness

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Benefits of Customised Training for Your Organisation

  • You are granted joint copyright ownership
    Enabling you to distribute all the customised course material and the customised Wellingtone Project Managers Toolkit as you wish within your organisation.
  • ROI (return on investment) is much higher
    Training targeted at your needs and project environment provides a much better training experience for attendees. They are able to apply what they have learned immediately, unlike generic courses where they have to then interpret material to their situation.
  • The training matches the exact needs of the role
    Rather than being an opportunity to collect qualifications for a CV.
  • Benefit from our complete Project Managers Toolkit
    Unlike generic training, we can provide a complete set of project management documentation based on best practice for use throughout your organisation. This can also provide an opportunity to improve existing processes, tools and templates within the organisation.
  • Much cheaper!
    Our courses are usually the most cost effective solution when looking to train 3 people or more. We can work with you to develop a customised project management methodology and have completed this work for clients within a few days. Similarly, we typically can create a customised training course in one day.

Wellingtone PM Toolkit

The Wellingtone Project Managers Toolkit provides a complete set of project management forms, templates and tools. Developed, used and refined by our Project Management consultants over many years, all our course attendees exclusively benefit from this library of intellectual property. The Microsoft Word & Excel based Toolkit is simple to use and provides everything you need to successful run your projects.

Examples of content include; Project Brief Template, PID Template, Change Control Form, Exceptions Form, Project Closure Report, Project Status Report, Stakeholder Mapping Grid, Risk Log, Issue Log, Deliverable Log and RACI Matrix, Cost Table & Histogram.

The exact content of the Project Managers Toolkit will be modified to match with the topics selected for your course. The Toolkit will also be branded to suit your organisation and you are provided with joint copyright ownership allowing you to distribute as required throughout your organisation.

Screenshot of Project Managers Toolkit

Next Steps
  • An initial first step is often an informal conversation with one of our Senior Training Consultants to discuss possible course structures to meet your training requirements
  • We can provide a clear costed proposal to match your exact needs. Remember, we can create customised courses within as little as 1 day
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