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PPM Maturity Roadmap

The Chartered Body for our Profession, the Association for Project Management retains an ambitious vision; inspiring everyone to create “a world in which all projects succeed with project management as a life skill for all”. To increase our chances of project success means looking to make a step change in our project & portfolio management (PPM) maturity.  This should be one of the key strategic aims of every organisation.  You want effective, timely change, then you need “good” PPM.

The State of Project Management 2018 Report tells us that 50% of project management practitioners are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the level of PPM maturity in their organisation.  At Wellingtone our goal is to enable our clients make a step change in their PPM maturity.  This change in PPM maturity is a journey and every organisation should plot the path it needs to walk.  We often suggest clients focus on four key drivers; PPM Methodology (including governance), Training (including mentoring & support), PMO and PPM tools.  Make conscious coordinated Improvements on these fronts enables significant PPM maturity change, and therefore greater project success.

We can measure the PPM maturity of an organisation or a PMO and also benchmark your organisation against over 700 others.

Every Wellingtone engagement starts with a “dip check” of your PPM maturity.  We will ask you a set of questions to benchmark your organisation against hundreds of others.  If you want to know the journey you need to walk, then you need to know your true start point.  As your PPM partner we will repeat this maturity assessment at key stages enabling us both to confirm where you are and agreeing your next destination on this journey.

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