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PMO Maturity Assessment Service

85% of organisations involved in projects have a PMO, over half of which are less than 4 years old.  Only 22% of PMOs have a defined strategy on creating benefit for their organisation and only 16% of organisations actually regularly review value KPIs for their PMO.

The majority of PMO leaders predict that the role of their PMO will increase in terms of both scope and responsibility in the future but only a third believe they will get increased resources.

PMO leaders need to maximise the value they provide their organisation, rather than becoming an administrative burden.  Maximising value starts with understanding current PMO maturity status, strengths and weaknesses.  This provides a benchmark for future change.

The Wellingtone PMO Maturity Assessment Service provides a clear score of current PMO capabilities measured against 15 Value Enablers.  Even more importantly we also provide a set of practical recommendations to increase your PMO maturity and value.

Extracts from the report include a scoring of maturity by Value Enabler and radar chart.  Practical recommendations are provided against each Value Enabler for your organisation.

PMO Maturity by Value Enabler - Wellingtone Project ManagementPMO Maturity Radar - Wellingtone Project ManagementApproach

Through interviews, process reviews and project audits Wellingtone will quickly score your current PMO maturity, analysis the results, prepare recommendations and present back to you.  The typical annual review of PMO Maturity takes just 6 days.

Day 1ON SITE: 5 interviews + consultant assessment
Day 2ON SITE: Review methodology & PMO documents
Day 3ON SITE: Review sample project documents
Day 4OFF SITE: analysis
Day 5OFF SITE: Create report
PresentationON SITE: Return to site to present data and recommendations – likely half a day


The comprehensive PMO Maturity Report provides detailed analysis of your PMO maturity across 15 Value Enablers.

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