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The PMO Leader course is a revolutionary 3-day course aimed at experienced and passionate PMO Practitioners who want to be at the forefront of PMO theory and practice and make their PMOs critical to business. It focuses on the dark arts of PMOs, such as benefits realisation, resource management and knowledge management, and it will expose delegates to the latest thinking and trends shaping the Future PMO. The PMO Leader course is the first of its kind to use Project Based Learning, Critical Thinking and Reflective Practice as a teaching method, designed with impact at the heart to ensure that your PMO and organisation get solid return on an investment in training.

The Dark Arts of PMOs. Untangled.

We hear you. Year after year, The State of Project Management survey confirms that PMOs struggle with the same old processes. It’s time to do something about it. Whether it is resource management, lessons learned, benefits realisation, or portfolio prioritisation, the PMO Leader course has got you covered. Indeed, we are all different but we all go through the same journey; just a different flavour. In the PMO Practitioner course, we baselined your knowledge and uncovered some myths about PMOs. Now we explore the intricacies of PMOs by focusing on the processes that are highly valuable to organisations but difficult to embed: the dark arts of PMO. With a pragmatic approach, the PMO Leader course will expose you to the root causes, symptoms, and best practices available to each of those troublesome areas. Moreover, we will give you the toolkit you need to start improving your PMO maturity the moment you return to your workplace.

Don’t just be a Spectator of the Future. Lead it.

Our decisions are about the future, yet, our knowledge is about the past. Not anymore. In the PMO Practitioner course we presented the history of PMOs and introduced you to some of the emergent practices that are shaping the future of project delivery, such as sustainable project management or project management bricolage. Now we dare you to take your journey a step further. In the PMO Leader course we are in a search for the next best-fit practices that can tame the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world our projects exist in. We will shed a light on the latest thinking in PMO research, latest trends and novel practices that will put you at the forefront of the industry. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning – how will these impact the management of projects and programmes? To decide about the future, you need to start thinking about the future. Come and join us in leading the Future PMO.

Course Syllabus

  • The State of PMO
  • Resource Management & Reporting
  • Benefits Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Portfolio Selection & Prioritisation
  • Delighting PMO Customers
  • PM Culture & Leadership
  • The Future of PMO

Training. But Not As You Not Know It.

We want you to enjoy our training courses, of course. We love when you say lovely words about us in the feedback forms, it makes us smile. But that is not enough. What really leaves us over the moon and with a rewarding feeling that lasts forever is when you go back to your workplace and implement all the great stuff we share during the course. We care about impact. And you should too.

That is why we designed the PMO Leader course in a way never done before in any PMO course. Let us introduce you to Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is a teaching method in which delegates ‘gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.’ ( No, there are no written or multiple-choice assessments in the PMO Leader course. We trust you have a great memory that doesn’t require proving. Don’t just tell us that you have learned; show us. The PMO Leader course is not just a 3-days course, it is not your typical training. It demands commitment and you will need to use critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication to create high-quality work that will be used by your PMO and your organisation. You will start with a real challenge that you will present in class and, 60 days after the course, we and your classmates will want to hear from you. This approach addresses one of the key shortcomings of traditional training and follows the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation, which goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. You will not be alone in your journey though: regular checkpoints will be scheduled in with your trainers, who will be happy to mentor you and assist you during this 60-day period. Think of it as a free advisory service – yes, we are that interested in your success! We want to be part of your story and help you build a legacy with a training course that tackles real issues and provides undeniable return on your investment. The PMO Leader course aims to make your PMO critical to your business.

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