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Legal Project Management (LPM) Network - Wellingtone PPM

Legal Project Management (LPM) Network

The Legal Project Management (LPM) Network brings together practitioners from across industry to work together to define best practice.

Backed by the Chartered Body for Project Management, the Association for Project Management, the LPM Network is driving the LPM conversation forward at pace.

What's the Need for an LPM Network?

The UK legal sector grew at the “phenomenal” rate of 8% last year and is worth almost £26bn, according to research
commissioned by the Law Society.

This headline masks the changing face of legal services and the demand for more efficient ways of working. New market entrants, demands from project management savvy clients and the shift to alternative fee arrangements, in particular fixed fees, all necessitate change in the industry. Those who embrace this change will succeed, whereas firms that fail to equip themselves for the challenge will undoubtedly suffer.

Legal Project Management is rapidly gaining attention from across the industry, yet there is limited guidance or best practice to drive consistent adoption across firms and clients.

The LPM Network

LPM Network Objectives

The LPM Network includes the LPM Working Group who are creating tangible outputs for review, approval and publication. The objectives of the LPM

Network are as follows:

  • Drive the conversation forward about the benefits of LPM within the industry
  • Define “best practice” principles, standard language, and
    practical guidance. 
  • Publish this “best practice” knowledge for all those involved in LPM
  • Enable the legal profession to make a step change in LPM maturity

Legal Project Management (LPM) Training

Wellingone is the first organisation develop a Legal Project Management training course specifically designed for fee earners that has been independently assessed and Accredited by the APM; The Chartered Body for Project Management as a Professional course.

Find out more HERE

Useful Resources

Connect with Us

The LPM Network welcomes practitioners from across the legal profession. If you would like to get involved please contact Vince Hines, Managing Director, WellingtonePPM as follows:


LinkedIn: Connect with Vince Hines

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