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eVa22 – Brexibility

For the third year running, Wellingtone will be in exhibiting at eVa22 at the wonderful Armourer’s Hall in London. This is one of the best project management conferences for project control knowledge, learning & development as well as an opportunity … Continue reading

Project Online Client Requirements are Changing

As suggested by the title, the Project Online client requirements are changing! The reason being that Microsoft are making architectural changes to features in Project Online which impact older versions of Project that currently connect to Project Online. You can … Continue reading

Microsoft Project Online Webinar – Government

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the leading consultancies in the UK for Microsoft Project Online, we are working together with Microsoft to deliver a series of webinars. You can book your free place on to our first one … Continue reading

Office 365 Project Online: Essentials, Professional, and Premium

If you’d just familiarised yourself with all of the Microsoft PPM licenses, i.e. Project Lite, Project Online, Project Online with Project for Office 365. it’s time for you to dust off the neutraliser (memory eraser) and acquaint yourself with the … Continue reading

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management: Future Vision

Microsoft Project has evolved significantly since its launch in 1987, and continues to evolve! If you’re trying to cast your mind back to 1987, that’s the year that “The Lost Boys” and “Predator” came out whilst new episodes of Only … Continue reading

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 PPM

You may remember that scene from the movie Jerry Maguire where Cuba Gooding Jr utters the infamous phrase “Show Me the MONEY!” In a similar vein decision makers often ask to be shown the ROI. We get asked about ROI … Continue reading

Power BI Content for Office 365 PPM – Project Online

Project reporting, it’s something that we all love to do, there’s nothing better than crafting a report featuring a wide spectrum of colours (except red). Well today I have some exciting news! Literally a couple of weeks ago I wrote … Continue reading

Office 365 PPM Project Online Roadmap

We all get excited about different things, I know a few people who get extremely cheerful when they see new concepts of the iPhone 7, and there are others (me) who get euphoric over sci-fi announcements, and if you didn’t … Continue reading

Project Online (Office 365 PPM) in the Real World

There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and I’d say that’s true (depending on the picture), but to really showcase Project Online a thousand words was insufficient! So Microsoft have created a video that’s worth … Continue reading

Effective Communication Equals Increased Project Success

Although I will inevitably start evangelising (shortly) about one, two or maybe three Microsoft solutions, I want to start off with a simple question. Why do humans run the world? You could successfully argue a number of reasons, however I’d like … Continue reading

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