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Risk Driver Method in Monte Carlo Simulation of a Project Schedule

Applying first principles requires that the risk to the project schedule is clearly and directly driven by identified and quantified risks. In the Risk Driver Method the risks from the Risk Register drive the simulation. The Risk Driver Method differs from older, more traditional 3-point estimate approaches: Often the activity durations and costs are given […]

The Project Plan – where to Start?

At the beginning is the obvious and flippant answer. But seriously how do you go about producing a project plan from scratch? Years ago I had a question from a participant on one of my training courses. When does a project become a project and need a project plan? There can be some undertakings that […]

Project Lifecycle Status Part 1

Years ago I had a request from a customer to get Project Server to show where in a project lifecycle a project currently was. A simple solution was to create a project custom field using a look up table that held the lifecycle values observed by the customer. We then configured a Project Centre view […]

Turning Vision into Value

Turning vision into value takes equal parts of leadership and management. Understanding when and how to balance these skills is the challenge. You, the leader, set the vision and define the corporate culture that will make it happen. If you fail to imbue your vision with the qualities that build trust within your company and […]

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