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Benefits of P3O® METHODOLOGY

hat is P3O®? P3O is a comprehensive guide to designing and implementing a support structure for an organisation’s portfolio of projects whether run as individual projects or as programmes of projects. Support structures range from the simplest form of support delivered by a part time support officer to a highly sophisticated, geographically dispersed structure across […]

Be a Better Project Manager: Skill up on MS Project

For much of the public sector, the NHS included, project management is only an emerging discipline- despite the size and scope of many development projects. As Nick Saalfeld finds out, there is a skills gap in the project management discipline, but plenty of training on offer in order to bridge the divide.

A Guide to Practical Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management, like many of the ‘softer’ issues, is often overlooked in the wider scope of project management.  It is no longer sufficient that project success be judged in terms of time, cost and quality. These factors are undoubtedly important, but in our ever-demanding times they are simply not enough.

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