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Custom SharePoint Project Workspace Templates

Apologies for the convoluted title of this article, the good news is that the concepts are a lot more digestible than the title! In my previous article I outlined some of the benefits to be derived from using “out of the box” SharePoint workspaces with Project Server. In this article I will explore the potential […]

What is Project Success?

This paper written by Robert Buttrick explores the challenges faced by organisations seeking to optimise their total portfolio of projects through the effective combination of project management, sponsorship and portfolio management.

Practical Training is the Best Investment

Training is recognised as an easy area to cut budget and many training providers have faced a very difficult 2009 as a result.  The OGC list “poorly trained Project Managers” as one of their top reasons for project failure.  I have worked with many organisations where the subject matter expert is given the role of […]

The Capital Task Group – Executive Summary

=The Capital Task Group (CTG) was initiated as an action group with a short term of tenure considering the impact on the sector of the withdrawal of grants. This report on cost and how to achieve savings’ is one of the areas that the CTG at the initial meeting held on the 10th July 2009 […]

Doing the Right Thing

Recently, whilst reviewing other books and approaches in the area of Project Management I came across some misconceptions about what project management is all about. Namely, that process and qualifications are the be-all and end-all of project management! I started my project management ‘career’ in process consulting so this was very difficult for me to […]

Microsoft Project Server SharePoint Sites

When Project Server was first launched back in 2002 the SharePoint site functionality was a nice feature but not overly compelling. With the advent of Project Server 2007 the relationship between Project Server and SharePoint changed significantly. I have seen it mentioned that in 2002 the two were dating, in 2007 they were living together […]

A Glimpse of the Future

This month we have a number of outstanding editorial contributions from our own staff and our guest, Elizabeth Harrin (check A Girls Guide to Project Management…it’s not just for girls!).  I am delighted that Ashley Dart has joined us as our new Head of Recruitment and this does seem to be very well timed with […]

Microsoft Project Server 2010 – First Look

Microsoft officially unveiled the next version of the world’s best selling project scheduling tool at the Microsoft Project conference in Phoenix Arizona on 16th September 2009. The great news is that it has gotten a whole lot better.

Keeping People INFORMed, by Elizabeth Harrin

I have been using the INFORM model to manage my project stakeholders for years now, and it’s a useful framework to ensure you cover everything that’s required to make project communication go smoothly.  The steps are:

Are you running the right projects?

The project selection process by an organisation or department is fundamental to success.  In talking with many clients this year the common theme is one of budget cuts and headcount reductions so the selection of the “right” projects is even more important than ever.  I can however think of a number of well-known & profitable […]

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