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Essential Knowledge Management – Have you learned your lesson?

Learning from performing any task is essential. Finding out what works and what does not is a positive way to achieve this and should improve future approaches and therefore likelihood of success. This learning process is integral to everyday life, but often runs into difficulty when applying it to projects.

Project Server Deployment – Top 12 Tips

The Microsoft Project Server (PPM Solution) provides organisations with the potential to communicate timely, relevant and up to date project information to users across all hierarchical levels, from Team Members at the base of the organization to Executives at the very top.

Project Scope, Don’t Leave Home Without It

One of the primary reasons often cited for project failure is scope change. Change within a project is not itself a bad thing and will happen whether we like it or not. After all, every project is by definition a unique event and with anything that is unique there is inherently a certain amount of […]

Graduates Wanting to Become Project Managers

But I’m a Graduate, What Other Project Management Qualifications Would I Need?! For those of you recently graduating, or soon to graduate congratulations.  Perhaps I should say commiserations as you leave the comfort of the immediate social network of University life, the continuous pull of cheap nights out and the dodgy hairstyles.  It is unfortunately […]

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